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GH- Greens+O - Choose Flavor


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Genuine Health Greens+ O Details

Introducing NEW greens+ O! Genuine Health has kept the foundation of the award winning, research-proven greens+ formula, but have taken out the allergens, and replaced them with innovative ingredients, such as organic spirulina, broccoli sprouts, chia seeds, and sunflower lecithin! We have kept our select herbal combination the same as our original greens+ to ensure that consumers will continue to feel the difference… and experience the BEST tasting greens+ YET!

NEW greens+ O is for those who are both passionate and sensitive about the foods they eat. 

Genuine Health Greens+ O Ingredients

The O is for organic – containing 75%+ *organic ingredients! 

greens+ O is:

  • -Vegan (no animal products) 
  • -Wheat free  
  • -Gluten free 
  • -Soy free  
  • -Dairy free 
  • = Totally Allergen Free
  • and like all greens+ products , greens+ O is made with non-GMO ingredients
  • greens+ O açaï & mango: 75% organic ingredients
  • greens+ O original flavour : 80% organic ingredients
  • greens+ created the “Green Food/Super Food” category in Canada.

For twenty years, greens+ has remained Canada’s most effective and award-winning

supplement for its unique, synergistic blend of over 23 full spectrum, plant-based ingredients, providing essential nutrients and energizing botanicals.

Now everyone can enjoy the benefits of greens+! Available in great tasting original and delicious açaï & mango flavours.

Genuine Health Greens+ O Ingredient Highlights:


  • -Contains a number of co-enzymatic pigments each affiliated with enzymes, co-enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • -High in beta-carotene. Studies indicate that beta-carotene may have the ability to reduce the risk of all kinds of cancer.
  • -Spirulina is high in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid, sometimes called
  • Vitamin F.  Spirulina contains essential fatty acids from the Omega 3 and Omega 6 groups, plus other necessary fatty acids, glycolipids and sulfolipids. 

Genuine Health Greens+ O Some NEW ingredients Include

Organic Carrot:

  • -contain carotenes, especially alpha- and beta-carotenes, as well as vitamin A which has antioxidant properties and is effective for treating vitamin A deficiency.
  • -also contains Vitamin K, dietary fibre, potassium, vitamin B6 and many other nutrients.

Organic Apple – Appleboost®

  • -binds excess artery-clogging cholesterol and removes it from the bowel.
  • -slows down the rate of passage of greens+ in the intestines, allowing for better absorption. 
  • -helps to block the absorption of toxic heavy metals and dietary carcinogens that enter the food chain and eventually our systems.

Sunflower Lecithin

  • -lecithin may account for 15% of the greens+ antioxidant activity. This form provides the same benefits of lecithin in our greens+, only from the allergen free source of sunflowers!
  • -One serving of our greens+ O supplies 1,100mg of lecithin providing 550mg of phosphatidylcholine (PC) - essential for nervous system function

Organic Broccoli & Broccoli Sprout

  • -Includes high levels of vitamin C, K, folate, vitamin A and many other nutrients
  • -Contains compounds which support all steps in body's detox process, including activation, neutralization, and elimination of unwanted contaminants.  Metabolic processes associated with cancer in the body.  

Genuine Health Greens+ O Formula

The Formula

  • Arthrospira platensis: Organic spirulina 1450mg
  • Daucus carrota: Organic carrot 1200mg
  • Malus domestica: Organic apple peel (Appleboost®) 1200mg
  • Sunflower lecithin 400mg
  • Salvia hispanica L.: Organic chia seed 400mg
  • Organic flaxseed concentrate 100mg
  • Medicago sativa: Organic alfalfa grass 383mg
  • Chlorella vulgaris: Organic chlorella (cracked cell) 300mg
  • Citrus bioflavonoids (from Citrus sp., rind of orange, lemon and grapefruit) 100mg
  • Oryza sativa: Organic brown rice 300mg
  • Broccoli seed extract standardized to 10% sulphoraphane glucosinolate (4:1 = 400mg) 100mg
  • Beta vulgaris: Organic red beet root 200mg
  • Brassica oleracea italica: Organic broccoli sprout 200mg
  • Calcium d-glucarate 50mg
  • Alpha lipoic acid 50mg
  • Taurine 50mg
  • Green tea leaf extract (standardized to 15% polyphenols) 15mg
  • Molybdenum (citrate) 100mcg

Non Medical Ingredients - Original

  • Stevia rebaudiana: Organic stevia leaf  225mg

Non Medical Ingredients - Acai Mango

  • Natural organic flavour blend 935mg
  • Stevia rebaudiana: Organic stevia leaf  225mg
  • Organic evaporated coconut palm nectar 245mg
  • Natural acai flavour 67mg
  • Stevia rebaudiana: Organic stevia leaf  55mg
  • Citric Acid 50mg
  • Malic Acid 50mg

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